Conversation on a Sunny Day (Napowrimo Day 15)

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Disassembled (Napowrimo Day 14)

You wear a necklace of binary,

speaks in pieces which don’t fit. 

You force us to live the spaces between. 

You speak in mechanic,

your body undone. 

You are enigma. 

Waiting to be solved. 

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On the Map (Napowrimo Day 13)

In my mind the sun is always shining.

The tree with the pink leaves hasn’t yet been taken. 

Bats appear at dusk. 

The woodpecker at dawn. 

There’s a group of us sat on the grass

watching the light turn amber over the hills,

planning future days like this. 

There’s always laughter. 

In my mind at least. 

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A Poem in Sapphics (Napowrimo Day 12)

Leaving came so easily, just like autumn. 

Her hair, falling, turning to flame in one glance. 

Fire was all that mattered now. 

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Abecedarian (Nanowrimo Day 11)

Always. As if the words could capture love;

build upon its base;

carve into the creases that make a life.

Different times lead to different ways,

each a layer to stand amongst.

For is not love enough?

Greek statues,



Just a name can cause such rifts between what counts for blood.

Knowing this we turn again,

look into the eyes, see the

mirage, projected from the mind;

noble causes, truly. Yet

open wide to paint, to

pictures we create to still the voices, bring

quiet to the chaos.

Rising, looking out, the sea is still.

Settled at crux point,

the tide about to turn,

until we look back at what we have become,

victories we sought,

with heart, reaching for a clearer sky. Instead we plant in 

xero, barren soil, 

yielding doubt, we leave undone the 

zip across the earth.

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Listening (Napowrimo Day 10)


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Unbuckled (Nanowrimo Day 9)

Take me back to evergreen,

to streams which filled with

all we did not know.

Return the seed.

The way we stood beside the bridge,

braced to the wind as it harried us.

Unspeak the words, uncouple hands,

unpart the lips.

Leave sealed the wisps of a different day.

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